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Imagine a place that is so pure it seems untouched my man. 

A place where lakes, rivers, mountain vistas and wildlife abounds, untouched by man and preserved by harsh winters. That is the impression most anyone would have from visiting Grand Tetons National Park.


Located on the eastern slopes of an enormous upthrust  that was formed some six million years ago, The Grand Tetons  National Park (GTNP)  is a photographers paradise that has yeilded some of the most iconic landscapes of all time. There are photographic possibilities around every corner and the unique geology makes every day different. It may snow in the summer months or clouds  can appear seemingly from nowhere giving spectacular variety and possibilities. The early spring gives beautiful greens and lush forests teeming with wildlife.


This is a group workshop environment and Robert will be there to instruct and aid you in the best techniques to hone your skills. There may be a diverse variety of skill levels present and sharing ideas is always welcome and encouraged for the group.


Grand Tetons National Park, WY


June 14-20






Temperatures vary but expect cool to cold nights with days in the 60's.


Expect to see subjects to shoot from wide angle to super telephoto.

I reccomment the 100-400L Canon

or the 80-400 Nikon for most wildlife purposed. If you have big glass it does not hurt but is overkill

since the animals are so close.

The 2014 workshop starts on Saturday, June 14th, at 7:00 PM with an introduction and discussion in the lobby of the hotel. We start shooting on the morning of Sunday, June 15th. The formal workshop ends after shooting on Friday evening, June 20th.


Generally, participants can expect to be at a shooting location for the start of civil twilight (no later than 5:00 A.M.) and we'll stay there through sunrise. Often we will relocate to another location, then go to a late breakfast. We will provide breakfast bars, and water for the early mornings. If there are special dietary needs or request please tell us. We've scheduled a midday break every day allowing time for napping, downloading... For those who want to learn more about post processing there will be informal midday Photoshop assistance sessions. Participants are encouraged to review and process some of their images with the instructor. We have an early dinner in a restaurant scheduled for each evening.

Note: We are on the east side of the park, dramatic sunsets (approximately 9:00 P.M.) will require clouds to liven the backlit mountains. We plan to venture back into the park most evenings to look for wildlife and to be prepared to reach a shooting location in the event the clouds look promising.